Monday, May 14, 2012

The Outdoorsman

Congratulations to Daniel for his outstanding work on his final game. Working alone, this student from Tygarts Valley Middle School has done a phenomenal job. For working alone this game has went a long way. The concept of using trains and math is genius. The minigame level at the end is also very amusing. Working with code is hard to figure out and working alone with no help from a team member is very complicated. The graphic are neat, and the controls are easy to understand. Daniel's team page has a cool, simple animation on it that I really enjoy. If anyone is intrested check out Daniel's team page---->

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Slat N' Peppa

Salt N' Peppa? More like awesome mixed with awesome! Good job to DavidPgw 2011 and Jakobcgw! These two (from George Washington High School) not only have done an excellent job on their graphics, but their blogs are also well written and interesting. I am very impressed from the team's demo and look forward to seeing the final results of the final game. Good luck guys, keep up the hard work! Check them out at--->