Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's A Jungle Out There

The amazing final game by team Keebie, from Tygarts Valley High Scool, is complete and ready for judging. The team has worked hard and their work really shows it. The team consists of three members, Kelsi, Maddie, and Celeb. Together the team has designed a series of African environments where the player learns about endangered spieces. As the player continues they learn traits, environments, diet, and some of the hazards for the animals that are endanger of exstinction. The plot and art work is great, and I encourage others to check it out!---->

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Globaloria Ballers

The team, Globaloria Ballers, from Liberty High School have done an excellent job of making it posible for the player to learn algebra easily and quickly. The button on the left is a lesson that gives the player an idea of what to do and prepares them for what is going to happen problrm wise. The instructs tell the player how to play the game. Once that is over with the player will be required to use the knowledge from the lesson and past algebra experience. Throughout the game the equations will gradually become more challenging. The song that plays at the begining is also super cool and makes me smile every time I get on the page. Conradulations to Brenne, Haley, and Marissa on all of their hard work. ---->