Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Neat Game

MeghannT from the Randolph County Technical center is making great progress working on her wiki. She is getting very far this year. Her hidden object game is great and her creation of new characters for the mini game project is daring and skilled. All of the hard work that is being put into her team page I look forward to seeing all that she will acomplish. Good luck and keep workong hard. http://www.myglife.org/usa/rtc/index.php/Special:GlobaloriaProject?user=MeghannT rtc3452&id=4#header-mechanics

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Great Hidden Object Game

An excellent job to Matthew1012, from Tygarts Valley High School. His work on his project page is amazing. So far he has completed his hidden object game and his minigame assignments. The hidden object game is very well organized and should be used as an example for other students and educators. The game's goal is to find all hidden objects in a restroom. This game has tweens, interactive lists, and the graphics are excellent. The wiki profile of this student is also interesting and unique. Others should check it out. I look forward to see the progress that this student will make in the near future. Good luck Matthew1012 and good luck to all the other students this year! http://www.myglife.org/usa/tvhs/index.php/Special:GlobaloriaProject?user=Matthew1012&id=10